Light & Shade

Lighting the house is so essential for feeling good and setting the mood – any kind of mood. All over the world people pay particular attention to how and what kind of lighting would make a room get the “right feel”. This is enhanced or chosen not just by the “electricity saving device” we would use but also the “shades” or covers that we would give. If we’d like to use white light or yellow light or are we talking candle light or lamp light? Are we talking ceiling lights, wall lights or floor lights.... It is amazing how much possibility exists to dis-spell darkness and it only takes a little bit of LIGHT. Eyaas brings to you some extremely unique collection of lights and shades. You can use them for regular day to day effect or on special occasions. It is all handmade using several materials, some recycled like hosiery, others like leather and cloth. But all of them are unique. You will be hard-pressed to find them easily.